Top 3 Blogs For Beginner Runners

Can we all admit that running is one of those things we want to love but secretly hate?! It is hard, it doesn’t come easy, and takes a lot of work. I was a swimmer my whole life and used to absolutely hate running.

Once I got to college, a small private school that didn’t have a pool, I had to pick up another form of exercise. Running seemed close enough. Now I can say I am a self-proclaimed running addict!

A love for running didn’t come immediately, though. It was a slow process.

It meant I had to wake up at six in the morning, get out of my warm bed and tie up my sneakers even when I didn’t want to.

It meant I had to push myself to go that extra mile, even though my body was begging me not to.

It meant that sometimes I missed out on some plans with friends because I was busy sweating at the gym.

But, in the end, it was worth it.

If you are interested in picking up running, but are overwhelmed by the idea of being a newbie at it, read these insightful blogs that can help break down running and make it easier for you!

  1. Strength Running. This blog gives you multiple how-to tips on running. This blogger is a marathoner and running coach that has a lot of experience and expertise with the sport of running. This blog includes yoga stretches after a long run, personal coaching, and weight loss running. This website’s usability is very helpful. It has a navigation bar with visual hierarchy at the top of the page, and it has a lot of external links that readers can click on.
  2.  Lazy Girl Running. This blog is a great one for girls who are really having a hard time getting into running. Whether you are a first-timer or a marathoner, this blogger gives humble and honest insight on the sport of running. This blogger is an extreme marathoner with 16 marathons under her belt. However, the advice this blogger gives to her readers is very simple and helpful to any runner at any stage in their running career. This website has multiple widgets and sidebars for easy access to other areas and pages on the website.
  3. Meals and Miles. This blog obviously talks about eating and running. It gives advice on the types of meals you should have before and after a run, the kind of food that can benefit or hinder your run, and much more! This blogger has run more races than most people her age, and definitely has experience in the arena of running. Her website is packed full of race recaps and training schedules. This blog has a search bar that helps readers easily find answers to questions they might be having about running, eating and similar topics of discussion.

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